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              Investment Policy Committee


              When you and your financial advisor develop your investment strategy together, you have the expertise of Edward Jones behind you. A significant part of this expertise is the Edward Jones Investment Policy Committee (IPC), who develops the firm’s investment guidance.

              This guidance is integrated into the tools, systems and materials that your financial advisor uses to help you move closer toward meeting your financial goals. When you invest with Edward Jones, your financial advisor tailors this overarching investment guidance to your individual goals and personal situation.

              IPC's investment guidance helps your financial advisor:

              • Build your personalized investment portfolio
              • Account for market expectations and their effect on you and your investments
              • Outline potential risks and opportunities
              • Develop a strategy for multiple financial goals, such as retirement and paying for education
              • Strategize about retirement distributions, Social Security, withdrawal rates and health care costs
              • Construct insurance and other protection strategies

              Just because our investment philosophy focuses on the long term doesn’t mean that we ignore today’s economic trends and events. The IPC meets regularly to discuss current events, propose new policies and review existing guidance – all with our clients’ long-term needs as the focal point. The IPC members – experts in economics, investments and retirement planning – come from many departments across the firm and each bring a unique perspective.

              Committee Chairmen

              The committee chairs are:

              Executive Committee Sponsors

              The executive committee members are:

              Committee Members

              The committee members include:

              Advisory board

              In addition, the IPC Advisory board includes industry professionals outside Edward Jones, as well as our own financial advisors, so we can receive a wide variety of diverse input and perspectives.

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