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              Trade Authorization


              Depending on your individual situation, you may want to give someone full or limited trading authorization in your account. At Edward Jones, we'll work with you to select an option that makes sense for you. In general, people grant trading authorization to a spouse, another family member or possibly another trusted person.

              A trade authorization gives the person you designate the authority to do any or all of the following in your account:

              • Buy, sell and trade your securities?
              • Request delivery of securities and payment to you via check request only?
              • Sign checks on your behalf

              You control the type of authorization

              You can control how much authority you grant by making the appropriate selections on your form:

              • Full trading authorization?– Allow all of the above activities
              • Limited trading authorization – Allow one or two of the above activities

              Trading authorization is allowed on the following account types:

              • Individual?
              • Joint?
              • Inherited IRA?
              • Traditional IRA?
              • SEP IRA?
              • SIMPLE IRA?
              • Roth IRA

              How we can help

              If you're interested in granting someone else trade authorization on one or more of your accounts, talk with your financial advisor to learn more.

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